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Mars was once like Earth with water and life. It seems at some time in the quite recent past that it's atmosphere was all but destroyed probably by Olympus Mons exploding or a global war over the dwindling water supplies. There is wreckage strewn all over the surface including "alien technology" like munitions and aircraft parts. There are broken statues, half "buried and ruined buildings", and countless "animal and even humanoid remains lying on the Mars surface" freeze dried and covered in red dust.

People say these are just rocks because they are the same colour as their surroundings, but if you were to lie in the Mars dirt for a thousand years then so would you.


Some people are determined for there to be nothing to see on Mars. Are these the same people who wish to rob their remaining mineral resources and any alien technology they see fit?


As the fast growing "hoards of researchers find countless more alien artefacts" the flat Earth society become ever more aggressive in there comments and threats.

Who are these people? And why are they trying to prevent the truth about Mars becoming publicly excepted?

It is the Cosmic equivalent of a policeman trying to stop the public looking at a road accident scene as they slowly drive past in there cars. You can't stop what is part of Human nature.


The weight of evidence is now becoming way too great to suppress.

Many Luddites are now throwing their toys out of the pram as they realize that they are no longer the only child.

And as if to mock them ArtAlienTV is now finding what look very much like "childrens toys on Mars".


These Luddites and Trolls will probably go on to reinforce NASA's notion that the general pubic are not ready for this type of  "Mars alien disclosure".

The search continues!


There is comprehensive evidence for life on Mars

if you know where and how to look for it.


I and many other armchair explorers are finding everything from animals to fossils, bones, skulls and even carved or manufactured objects. They can be found in some of the images beamed down from the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Unfortunately NASA seem to be over compressing most of the images that are free to download from their website but some of the large panoramic TIF files are of good quality and are at 200 DPI. (Dots per inch) These are the ones to go for.


The animals in the main are dead and look freeze dried in Gale Crater. Mummified in the extreme cold nights that go down to about minus 120 but the days are hot. Up to 70 degrees or more. There are very conflicting views about the temperatures on Mars mainly caused by people using averages witch are quite misleading.

As for the air on Mars we are told that there is only 0.5% oxygen. Personally I think more like 5% in some areas unless the surviving creatures have adapted to breath Co2 or Hydrogen. This may explain why most of the living creatures found so far are small rodents and reptiles. They can survive on very low quality air and can burrow to avoid freezing.


Even though NASA have mentioned water and possible life on Mars, they maintain that it died out millions of years ago. On the other hand they are taking a DNA lab on the next Rover. DNA can only last about a million years, so they must think otherwise? You have to read between the lines. They are a military organization after all.


These large very low altitude areas have there own micro climate and thicker atmosphere witch could explain how some of these organisms have survived.

I am amazed at the number of specimens lying around. It seems that Gale was and may still be one of the few places that has liquid water left. Any surviving creatures from the cataclysm would have congregated there. An oasis.


So either there's life on Mars or they are beaming the pictures from some remote desert on Earth via satellite as one of my army of YouTube subscribers thinks. This view can't explian how Phobos appears in many of the Rover images of course so is completely off and may be a NASA ruse to throw off conspiracy theorists into yet another paranoid fit.


NASA and the scientific community remain very quiet on this issue. Some researchers have contacted NASA with photo evidence only to be totally blanked even though the evidence was taken from NASA's own imagery.

I personally showed some of my images to a retired aerospace engineer in my hometown of Bristol, UK -- he became quite angry and very defensive and said that "photos are not proof".

I replied, "What about 5 or 600 photos taken from different angles and cameras by NASA that can be seen in my videos and easily cross referenced with the Curiosity image address at the start of each one.

He then said "I don't have a broadband connection for my PC" and went completely silent on the matter just before making a sharp exit.

So, as the UFO and Ancient Alien brigade have long known -- don't hold your breath waiting for some big announcement. Expect ridicule from all quarters.


The creatures fall into a number of categories.


A. Mummified (petrified) -- These have largely intact bodies and were probably caught out in the cold and were freeze dried. They have typical death postures and are often heavily wind eroded.


B. Dismembered - These were probably predated upon and bones left scattered. Heads often left intact, lying in the dirt. These then freeze dry.


C. Possible living -- Showing motion blur or movement from one photo to the next.


D. Fossilized -- Preserved and encased in the mud over millions of years.


USE LOWER MENU TO RETURN TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE Arguably the largest and clearest collection of Mars statues and alien artefacts on the internet.

Some look carved, some are skulls and others look mummified and freeze dried. Over 60 statue examples so far.

Also see all the animal skulls, architecture, buildings and alien wreckage found by ArtAlienTV in recent Mars rover images.

Don't be fooled by the dogma you have been lead to believe and just look at the amazing images on show.

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Mars and Moon Alien Buildings

Mars and Moon Alien Buildings.


Underwater pyramids and sunken cities in the Atlantic. Large structures in Antarctica on the the Moon and Mars. Explorers and researchers are still ridiculed for suggesting that Atlantis was real yet the evidence for it just keeps on coming.

The same goes for structures on the Moon and Mars. The photos and satellite images say one thing, mainstream science and media say another. What are they trying to hide from the public? And why?

Thousand of structures have been found on both the moon and Mars these tend to get smudged over or blurred out by NASA and others. Just go to Cydonia on Mars and see the huge strips of smudged data. Tycho crater on the Moon is full of buildings. Just take a look.